Introducing Refinitiv Electronic Trading App

RET Mobile

RET Mobile seamlessly provides access to your organization's Refinitiv Electronic Trading (ET) platform. RET Mobile enables banks to offer their corporate customers, branches, retention managers to instantly buy and sell FX products e.g. spots, forwards and NDFs directly with them using mobile devices from anywhere. Features include:

✔ Real-time streaming FX rates

Dealing modes: one-click, RFQ

Deal types: spot, forward

Native ET user authentication, authorization

Log in using FaceID, TouchID when available

Proxy user mode

Multiple standard and broken-date tenors

Deal amount input

Slippage preset

Historical deal query

SSL-encrypted secured connection

Works with ET 2.1+

RET Mobile is developed by DevCartel under technology partnership with Refinitiv. Contact us for more information or demo access.

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