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Since 2012 our company has been helping companies in financial service industry access, integrate real-time financial market data including world indices, FX rates, indicators, mutual fund pricing, EOD & historical prices and market news. Enabling market engagement with industry's leading liquidity providers, banks and stock exchanges with bespoke order routing and market depth API connectors. Through our professional consultancy services and our in-house APIs, we are helping clients automate their business workflows and execute trading strategies. Our clients include:

Introducing Refinitiv Electronic Trading App

RET Mobile

RET Mobile seamlessly provides access to your organization's Refinitiv Electronic Trading (ET) platform. RET Mobile enables banks to offer their corporate customers, branches, retention managers to instantly buy and sell FX products from their mobile devices. Learn more

Refinitiv Real-time Market Data Python API


PyRFA is a Python API for accessing Refinitiv market data feeds known as Elektron, Enterprise Platform for Real-time. Learn more

MetaTrader Gateway x Python API

PyMT5 x DevCartelGateway64

DevCartelGateway64 is an MT5 gateway run as a plugin on MetaTrader 5 platform and connects to a remote PyMT5 application providing a complete external execution, order routing and market data publishing. Learn more

FlexTrade SYM Python API


PyFLX provides Python market data API access to FlexTrade SYM. PyFLX has two market data Python classes - Symlistener for consuming market data and Symproxy for publising custom tick data to FlexTrade market data server. Learn more

We provide Enterprise Support via paid subscriptions


✔ Unlimited business hours access to support engineers via email
✔ Test with our simulated data feed 24/7
✔ Replay Data Service
✔ Access to platform-specific releases on
private GitHub
✔ Access to more example code

Complete API function references
✔ Performance tuning configuration

Get support for US$2,988/year


✔ Unlimited business hours access to support engineers via email
Consultancy for developing LP connector with PyMT5 and DevCartelGateway64
✔ Underlying raw message protocol
Enhancement request
Early gateway binary releases

Get support for US$2,988/year